Animals That Are Recently Extinct
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You might be surprised to see the amount of animals that have become extinct in recent years and decades.
Alaotra Grebe, 2010
This small diving duck lived in primarily in one lake in Madagascar until habitat loss and predation by carnivorous non-native fish species killed it off.
Po Ľouli or Black...
Non-native species, particularly pigs, cats, and rats, have wreaked havoc on Hawaii's ecosystem over the last few centuries, and most likely contributed to the decline of this unique bird. After an unsuccessful effort to get the last few remaining birds to breed, the last bird died in 2004. Technically, it's still listed as "critically endangered", but none birds have turned up in the wild after extensive searching for the last few years.
Dusky Seaside Spa...
A native of the east coast of Florida, this species rapidly died out from DDT pesticide spaying and its habitat being taken over for use by NASA for the Kennedy Space Center. The last know bird died in 1987, and was officially declared extinct in 1990.
Ivory-billed Wood...
After habit loss of the swamps of the southern U.S., the last difinitive sighting was in the 1940s. Since then, there's been multiple reports of sightings, and a 2002 audio recording of the distinct sound it makes when pecking a tree sparked a flood of scientists and birders to come search for it. Despite some promising leads and tantalizing clues, the bird still remains officially extinct.
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