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The amount of strenuous training and physical exhaustion some athletes endure is remarkable. Photographer Tomasz Gudzowaty captures the rigorous practices of lesser documented, non-commercial...
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Have you ever seen a building that looked like it could house a city? Dutch architecture firm UNStudio has just released their design for Scott's Tower which will be in Singapore. The 31-story...
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Talented artist Kurt Wenner created these unbelievable 3D drawings in public spaces. Try to not fall into his fantastic 3D worlds.

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Fashion editorial photographer Lara Jade is revered worldwide for the stunning images she produces. Currently based in New York, Lara captures dreamy visuals of her models, often outdoors and on...
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Some things, even in reality, are not what they appear. These non Photoshopped images will blow your mind or inspire you, because there was no magic, simply perspective and creativity.
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Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party or at the club, drinks are always being spilled on the floor and onto other people. However, these funny images captured the exact moment when the alcohol...
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