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Here are a bunch of common myths that need to be straightened out, but the question is whether or not you can handle the truth.

Contrary to the phrase "blind as a bat," bats are...
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This list of the most expensive houses in the world feature the awe-inspiring places only the filthy rich can afford. See what these amazing homes have to offer for their insanely high...
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Two men spent the better part of 30 years searching for buried treasure, which they incredibly finally found.

Reg Mead, 70, and Richard Miles, in his 40s, are two amateur British metal...
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The collection of conclusions you can come up with after watching a random Hollywood movie.
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From cool animal facts to nature and location facts, these infographics reveal more about the interesting, bizarre and always entertaining world we live in.
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You might be surprised to see the amount of animals that have become extinct in recent years and decades.
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Funny infographic. Don’t forget to stroll through our funny blog in search of other fun posts. And share it if you like it
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Not only large mammals are deadly. There are animals to be companies that have developed defense mechanisms as lethal as a predator experienced. Here are the top ten most poisonous animal in the...
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Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, began earlier this month with the sighting of the new moon. Throughout this ninth month on the Islamic calendar, devout Muslims must abstain from food, drink,...
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