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Check out a nice concept which offers an innovative approach to the personal computer design.
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Why have a boring flash drive when you can stick a funny or eye-catching memory stick into your computer? This collection of truly inventive flash drives could spark some last minute Christmas gift...
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Have you ever seen a building that looked like it could house a city? Dutch architecture firm UNStudio has just released their design for Scott's Tower which will be in Singapore. The 31-story...
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These stunning photos by Oleg Gordienko feature one of the most beautiful train tunnels in the world. (It is located in an enchanting forest at Ukraine.) Gordienko does a great job at capturing...
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Here at My Modern Met, we're big proponents of cutting-edge creativity especially when it comes to the art of photography. That's why we were excited to hear about a brand new book that...
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Japanese award winning artist Yuki Matsueda certainly knows how to think outside-of-the-box. His art, featuring everyday objects, look as though parts of them are attempting to break free! Egg...
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