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A man of many faces, artist James Kuhn creates some of the most incredible and bizarre masks ever seen. The eccentric face painter calls his creations “self-portraits” because he uses his own...
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Belly painting and henna "tattooing" is an artsy new way to celebrate a pregnancy and energize the unborn child. Here is an interesting collection.
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The fifth London Tattoo Convention was held at Tobacco Dock, London. Over 200 body artists from different countries took part in the convention.

There is a huge amount of complementary...
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Girls like tattoos a lot, but when it comes to choose a model, the answer may not be as simple as it sounds. The hottest tattoos for girls may be feminine, attractive, but tastes are extremely...
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An unusual flash mob was held in Moscow, Russia. It was called The Meat Holiday and was devoted to zombies. Boys and girls dressed up like characters from horror movies and video games were giving...
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Assuming you are a geek and love video games, why not get a tattoo that reflects what you like amongst games? In fact, there are thousands of people who have been getting tattoos inspired by their...
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Proper makeup can create miracles! Vadim Andreev is a Russian makeup artist working with leading photographers, model agencies, magazines and TV projects.

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