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A collection of photos from fans of the National Football League.
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These pretty ladies are the cheerleaders of the Russian basketball club Khimki.
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Only two weeks left until the Superbowl and I think it's the best time to post some photos of the sexiest NFL cheerleaders of 2010.
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Skydivers and dropped freefalling things..
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Yes, I would agree that there are some very Kama Sutra-inspired photos contained in this gallery.

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It's easy to make a funny sport photo. When people are moving and straining they usually have strange facial expressions. But this selection is not only about such expressions, otherwise it...
40 photos
These are some very funny sports fan signs. These folks must stay up late at night thinking these clever sayings up. They make fun of everything from the other team players to the referees to the...
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see Differences between body sizes and shape due to Different Sports.
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View most amazing funny sports on lixup.
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View most amazing funny sports pics.
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